20 September

14:00 Welcome Address
SESSION 1 –  Ulrike Stark
14:15 A.R. Venkatachalapathy: Competition and Collaboration in Nineteenth-Century Tamil Textual Culture: The Editorial Lives of C.W. Damodaram Pillai and U.V. Swaminatha Iyer
15:00 Heiko Frese: Theatre without Audience? Some Remarks on Advertising in Early Telugu Newspapers
15:45 Refreshments
SESSION 2 –  Hans Harder
16:15 Alessandro Graheli: Hermeneutics of Devanāgarī in the Digital Era
17:00 Martin Gaenszle: The Limbu Script and the Production of Religious Books in Nepal
17:45 Refreshments
SESSION 3 –  A.R. Venkatachalapathy
18:00 Ulrike Stark: Bookish Transactions in the Countryside: Missionary Print in Nineteenth-century Rural India

21 September

SESSION 4 –  Martin Gaenszle
09:30 Alaka Chudal: Oral Transmission of Vetālapañcaviṃśati to Europe
10:15 Ulrich Timme Kragh: Inscribed Author and Ascribed Author in Sanskrit Manuscript and Print
11:00 Refreshments
SESSION 5 –  Cristina Pecchia
11:30 Borayin Larios: Bhagavān Veda – From Orality to Bibliolatry
12:15 Jessica Vantine Birkenholtz: Svasthānī in Print: On a Newar Tradition Becoming a Nepali Tradition at the Printing Press
13:00 Lunch break
SESSION 6 –  Heiko Frese
14:30 Hans Harder: Webzines from Bangladesh: The Migration of the Literary Magazine from Print to Digital Formats
15:15 Johanna Buß: Impact of Digitalization on Nepal’s Newspapers
16:00 Refreshments
16:30 Divyaraj Amiya: Project Saath Saath: Preparing for the Transition from the Phase of Printing Press to the Neo-Oral Phase of Literature
17:15 Cristina Pecchia: A synopsis of the sessions and concluding discussion